In Kazakh language “saumal” translates to “fresh mare milk”. Its unique and healing properties have been known for a long time.
made in qazaqstan
Pure natural product, sugar free, gluten free and halal.
immune booster
immune booster
Natural immune booster for elderly people, especially good for men’s health. Rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin C.
German technology
German technology
Freeze-dried by German technology, mare milk is not different to fresh mare milk, because only 90% of water is removed from the Saumal Mare’s milk.
improves digestion
improves digestion
Horse milk is similar to human milk. Horse milk improves digestion, cures skin and balances hormones.
SAUMAL - Powdered Mare's Milk
250 gr.

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Nowadays, the problem of baby food, in particular of high-grade breast milk substitutes, is extremely acute. Since almost a third of infants from the first days of life need additional nutrition and be on mixed or fully transferred to artificial feeding. At the same time, today all fermented milk products for baby food are made on the basis of cow’s milk, which often have allergic reactions in children.

In terms of its unique natural composition, horse milk is strikingly similar to human milk. The uniqueness of this product lies in the chemical composition of the horse milk.

Horse milk has a high biological and nutritional value, since the proteins and fat contained in it are well absorbed. Horse milk contains a high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids and linolenic acid of the omega-3 family and has an immunostimulating effect.

Proteins are well balanced in amino acid composition, there is no allergic reaction to it. In pediatrics, almost all specialists in the organization of baby food have unanimously recognized the need to introduce complementary foods into the diet, regardless of the presence of a child, both on natural and artificial feeding.


SAUMAL is equally useful to men and women of all age groups, but especially to residents of large cities.

Today lifestyle, constant stress and poor ecology negatively affect health. Mare’s milk refers to functional nutrition.

These are products that contribute to the prevention and treatment of many diseases, as well as strengthening immune system.

Our product is simply mixed with water and fully complies in structure, taste and benefits to fresh milk.


I have a very poor immune system so I need Saumal during this difficult time. I have problems with the liver and kidneys, I only eat boiled food without salt. I finished drinking one jar, and the pain in my liver stopped, so I'm going to continue drinking.

I hope that soon I will be cured completely to eat whatever I want. Thank you very much. I continue to buy Saumal from you and recommend your company.

My parents started drinking mare's milk a few years ago, I heard from them about its benefits. When I arrived in Almaty this summer, I learned from my sister that there is freeze-dried mare's milk. Since live in St. Petersburg, this is convenient for me, because there is no way to buy whole mare's milk here.

I have been drinking Saumal for the second month, and I like it. Now there is some lightness in the body, and the discomfort that I felt in my stomach is gone. Saumal restores the intestinal microflora really well. I became less irritable, my mood improved, my sleep returned to normal. I would like this product to remain top quality.

Hello, my name is Mariam. I have two children aged 4 and 12. We have been drinking sublimated Saumal for over a year now. I already forgot what a children' cold is.

I also noticed that when we drink it, we don't get sick. But as we pause drinking, the children immediately get infected with a lot of different viruses. My children really like to drink sweet milk. You should try it too, just add less water.

I am your regular customer, I always buy Saumal from you, because there is delivery and you are very responsive to your customers. Thanks to your product, my children grow up healthy.

Recently, the eldest son caught a cold and lost his appetite. With the help of Saumal, he maintained his immunity and quickly recovered. I am very glad that there is such a company and such employees as you!

Good afternoon, I would like to share my opinion about Saumal mare's milk. We had problems with the gastrointestinal tract. We learned about sublimated Saumal from friends and decided to try it.

For 4 years, my whole family and I have been using this product to maintain immunity and improve bowel function, since the intestines are 80% of health. As a result, I can safely say that the ailments of the digestive system bypass us.

Our children get sick less often, the appetite of the children has increased. Because of its wonderful taste, our grandchildren drink it with pleasure. I strongly recommend this product to all my family and friends, especially during the current pandemic. We are grateful that we have such a product on the market. Sincerely, Taybalanova G.M.

Process of Milking
2.Milk cooling
2.Mare's milk cooling
Temperature of the mare's milk +4°C
Gentle pasteurization +72°C (15sec)
4.Mare's milk cooling
4. freeze-drying
Freeze-drying process
Vacuum package
Shelf-life room